BST rewards distribution

To ensure a fair and transparent distribution of tokens awarded to each Regional Hub from the quarterly prize pool, a systematic approach will be implemented. Here's how the distribution process will work:

Allocation of points to the Regional Hub members

Each Regional Hub will be assigned 100 points, representing 100% of the prize pool awarded to the Hub. The responsibility of distributing these points among the members lies with the Regional Chair.

The points are to be allocated based on the individual members' work, effort, and contributions during the quarter according to the Regional Chair's opinion.

Percentage-based token distribution

The points assigned to each member by the Regional Chair will serve as a percentage representation of the overall number of BST tokens they have earned in the quarterly competition.

These percentages will determine the portion of tokens each member is entitled to receive from the prize pool.

Collaborative decision-making

The Regional Chair and all ambassadors of the Hub can work together to decide and allocate the points to each member. This collaborative process allows for collective input and ensures a fair distribution based on the collective assessment of each member's contributions.

Reporting in the quarterly report

The final points scored by each ambassador will be documented and reported in the Quarterly Report. This report will provide an overview of the distribution of points among the members, indicating the percentage of the prize pool that each member has earned.

Token distribution by the Governance board

Based on the points allocated to each member in the Quarterly Report, the governance board will have the necessary information to send the appropriate amount of BST tokens to every participating ambassador.

This eliminates the risk of relying solely on one person within the Hub to distribute the tokens and ensures that each member receives their rightful share based on their contribution to the overall performance of the Hub.

By following this approach, the distribution of tokens among the members of each Regional Hub becomes a collaborative and transparent process. It guarantees that each member receives an accurate portion of the tokens, reflecting their individual efforts and the overall performance of the Hub in the quarterly competition.

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