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Real estate staking for both issuers and community is LIVE.

Current reward schedule

125,000 BST / month split between Issuer and Community pools based on Pool TVL

Pool mechanics

Oceanpoint enables anyone to start earning BST with tokenized real estate assets through the process of staking BSPT tokens. Staking BSPT tokens is available only for real estate properties tokenized through Blocksquare's tokenization protocol.

Once the tokenization is achieved, eligible BSPT (Blocksquare Property Tokens) can be staked on Oceanpoint by their holder. When depositing BSPT for staking, the smart contract awards the user sBSPT tokens based on the asset's valuation and current projected APY, which define the user's share in the respective asset pool. In return, the protocol locks the BSPT tokens into the Asset pool for a defined period of time.

Current lockup periods for respective pools:

  • Issuer pool — 6 months lock-up period

  • Community pool — 1 month lock-up period (coming with v0.4)

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BSPT fees and impacts on staking

BSPT tokens have an integrated transaction fee of 1,5%.

Fees are always paid in property tokens, e.g. if a transaction involves 10,000 BSPT tokens, the buyer will receive 10,000 - 1.5% tokens = 9,850 BSPT tokens on their wallet.

The fee is credited to network stakeholders automatically distributed to beneficiaries:

  • 0.5% goes to the platform operator (Certified Partner)

  • 0.5% goes to the token issuer (Real estate owner / token issuer)

  • 0.5% goes to the DeFi bridge (Oceanpoint)

When staking, these fees will be executed and impact the amount of BSPT one shall receive back at time of withdrawal, except when staking is done by the token issuer wallet.

Initially, only real estate owners (token issuers) shall be able to stake BSPT tokens of their own properties, while with v0.4 community members will be able to purchase tokenized real estate assets and stake them to earn BST.

Please refer to the FAQ section to see infographic onReal estate staking

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