Getting Started

Introduction to Oceanpoint Protocol

Welcome to the Oceanpoint developer documentation! Here, you'll embark on a journey into the world of Oceanpoint Protocol, a platform that seamlessly integrates the realms of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and real estate through innovative web3 solutions.

Oceanpoint stands out in the blockchain space by offering a unique blend of real estate tokenization and DeFi products. Developed and maintained by Blocksquare, Oceanpoint leverages the power of Ethereum's smart contracts to create a decentralized, open-end DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). This approach not only democratizes real estate investments but also introduces novel ways for asset liquidity and yield generation in the DeFi space.

The smart contract codebase for Oceanpoint is open-source, offering transparency and community involvement in its continuous development, and currently maintained by the Blocksquare team.

The interface hosted at is at the moment closed source and maintained by the Blocksquare team.

Oceanpoint smart contracts have undergone rigorous audits by Hacken, ensuring a high standard of security and reliability.

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Key Components and Features

POINT Tokens

A novel index token backed by the USD value of tokenized real estate assets within Oceanpoint's asset pool.

LP Tokens

Liquidity provider tokens for decentralized exchanges, enabling direct interaction with AMM protocols and staking for rewards.

Blocksquare Property Tokens (BSPTs)

Standard ERC-20 tokens representing fractional ownership in real estate assets, each uniquely associated with a specific property.

DeFi Primitives

Core mechanics of the DeFi products offered, including a Governance pool for staking and earning rewards.

Supported Networks

The Oceanpoint Protocol is currently deployed on the following networks:

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