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This feature is LIVE since v0.4

Current reward schedule

125,000 BST / month * Pool sBSPT supply

The fourth product introduces a new incentive mechanism for the web3 community to buy tokenized real estate properties and earn crypto through staking.

Staking your BSPT is not mandatory to earn revenues, however, staking enables users to redirect regular rental revenues paid out in DAI stablecoin towards the DAO's treasury and in return receive a compensation in BST.

Do you want to own real estate?

To be able to purchase BSPT tokens of various properties, please visit marketplace.oceanpoint.fi

The more real estate tokens one stakes, the larger the share in the Community asset pool, the larger the amount of BST one might earn from the rewards treasury. Note that both the property's valuation as well as projected APY will influence a user's stake size.

By staking BSPT, the community member commits to a 1 months lock-up period through which tokens and earned rewards can't be withdrawn.

No vesting on earned rewards is applied after withdrawal.

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