Unstaking tokenized real estate

On this page you will learn how to withdraw your BSPT and claim your BST rewards (for real estate owners)


After completing the 6-month staking period, you can unstake your BSPT tokens and claim your BST rewards. This guide will walk you through this simple and straightforward process.

Unstaking your BSPT tokens and claiming your BST rewards is a simple process. Just follow the steps outlined below and ensure that you submit the required documentation to prove your ownership of the property. By doing so, you can successfully complete the unstaking process and enjoy your earned rewards as they unlock throughout the 24 months vesting period.

Please note the below process describes only unstaking for real estate asset owners taking in the Asset pool - Issuer which involves a re-verification of title ownership as well as a 24 months vesting period for BST rewards.

Unstaking for community members staking in the Asset pool - Community is a simple process of withdrawing tokens, which immediatley transfers both BSPT and BST rewards to the user's wallet.

Step 1: Fill out the verification form

When you initiate the unstaking process, you will be prompted to fill out a short form. This form is required to verify the ownership of the property, ensuring that the property owner remains the same as at the beginning of the staking period. This verification process is a requirement set by the governance board and the Oceanpoint community.

Step 2: Submit documentation

You will need to submit documentation dated no older than the unstaking date, which confirms your ownership of the property. This may include property deeds, legal documents, or other valid proof of ownership. The onboarding team at Oceanpoint will review and verify the submitted documentation.

Step 3: Asset onboarding team review

Once the onboarding team has verified your documentation, they will forward your request to the governance board for further consideration. The governance board is responsible for the final approval of your unstaking and reward claiming process.

Step 4: Governance Board Approval and Reward Release

Upon approval from the governance board, your staking rewards in the form of BST tokens will be released. You can then access and utilize these rewards according to your preferences and needs.

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