🟠Marketplace pools

This feature is planned with v0.5

The fifth iteration of Oceanpoint beta will introduce Marketplace pools.

Marketplace pools enable participants who stake BST in the Main pool (sBST)to support new and emerging certified partners to launch their tokenized real estate marketplace with Blocksquare's infrastructure.


Those familiar with how Blocksquare's infrastructure and business model are designed know that marketplace operated by third parties (Certified Partners) are at the core of the ecosystem. As Blocksquare's vision is to power 1000s of marketplaces across the globe, connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their region, launching and operating your own branded marketplace enables a company to grow a real estate tokenization business.

Access and use of Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization infrastructure is possible through the acquisition of a lifetime software license that grants registration of the Certified Partner within the smart contract system.

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Blocksquare has tokenized the software license through BST.

Certified Partners who stake BST in the Main pool (sBST)become participants of Blocksquare's partner program and eligible for discount up to 100% on fiat based pricing.

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Understanding marketplace pools

Marketplace pools are a new way for our community to engage with our platform, and designed to democratize the creation and operation of marketplaces within our ecosystem, offering a unique blend of participation opportunities for both marketplace operators (CPs) and community members (sBST holders). By engaging with marketplace pools, users can directly influence the ecosystem's growth and diversity.

If you've ever dreamed of operating your own marketplace for tokenized real estate or wished to have a stake in one, marketplace pools are your gateway. Through a process of community support and investment, marketplace pools are set to boost the launch and growth of new marketplaces within our ecosystem.

Pool Mechanics

A. For Marketplace Operators

If you have an idea to launch a new tokenized real estate marketplace powered by Blocksquare, you can present it to the BST community. If the community sees potential in your proposed business, they can support your project by pledging sBST tokens into your marketplace pool.

Here's the process:

  1. Apply & get in touch: Reach out to Blocksquare's team to apply for listing.

  2. Raise community support: Share your marketplace concept with the community, set clear KPIs you plan to achieve, and establish an execution timeline. When ready, a vote will be created on Snapshot for the community to decide if your project should launch a marketplace pool campaign on Oceanpoint.

  3. Initiate your pool: If your project is successfully voted on, you'll start your marketplace pool by depositing a minimum of 500 sBST. The more you depoist, the stronger the APY incentive for community members to pledge their sBST to your pool.

  4. Launch campaign: The community can then pledge sBST to your pool until it reaches the target amount of 100,000 sBST.

B. For community members (sBST holders)

As an sBST holder, you have the opportunity to invest in marketplace pools that you believe will become successful.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Explore Opportunities: Look for marketplace projects that align with your interests and strategies.

  2. Pledge sBST: You can contribute your sBST to these pools, becoming part of their success.

  3. Earn Rewards: As the marketplace grows, reaches their targets and lists tokenized real estate assets, the marketplace pool score will increase and earn higher APY for your pledged sBST share.

Note that marketplace pools compete for BST rewards, so choose wisely which projects you support.

Key Features

  • Flexible contributions: Anyone with sBST can contribute to marketplace pools up to the 100,000 sBST limit, with initial and maximum contribution limits designed to ensure fair participation during active campaigns.

  • Rewards distribution: Marketplace pools compete between each other for a share of rewards, based on the sBST contributed and other performance metrics.

  • Rewards eligibility: To earn any rewards, a marketplace pool is required to hold 100,000 sBST at any given moment.

  • Withdrawal locks: Each marketplace pool features dual lock periods for withdrawals, designed to secure commitment. On one side, community pledges get locked, and on the other the Certified Partner (CP) initial deposit is locked:

    • Community Lock: This lock activates when the pool hits 100,000 sBST during an active marketplace pool campaign and ensures community investments remain committed to the pool's success for a predefined period, set at half the duration of the CP's lock period. If the pool's balance drops below 100,000 sBST for more than 10 consecutive days, this lock is lifted for community members to withdraw their pledged sBST to encourage responsiveness of the CP to top up the pool's missing sBST if no other community members are willing to enter the pool.

    • CP Lock: The CP's withdrawal lock period is set at twice the length of the community's, underscoring their higher level of commitment to the pool. This period begins once the pool hits the 100,000 sBST target, reinforcing the CP's responsibility to maintain pool health and success. This mechanism ensures the CP is incentivized to actively manage and support their marketplace.


How can my company apply to launch a marketplace pool?

To apply, first get in touch with the sales team at Blocksquare and mention you would like to launch your marketplace through the Oceanpoint Launchpad.

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Can any company apply for the Oceanpoint Launchpad?

Yes, any company from any jurisdiction is welcome to apply. Please note, our analysts and governance board will assess your project application.

In most cases, you will hear back from our team within several workdays, and you can discuss the details at this stage. Terms and conditions, including the required collateral and KPIs structure, are discussed individually with every marketplace project during the selection process.

What can projects do in preparation of their launch campaign?

Once approved, projects get the full Blocksquare team support leading up to the pledge campaign. You will be in close communication with us throughout the process.

Generally, presenting your marketplace vision to our community involves not only writing blogs, articles and growing your own community on social media, but also creating content (visuals & video) for our community of BST holders to get to know your team and the go-to market strategy you are working to implement.

How is a marketplace pool APY calculated?

Each marketplace pool can earn a different APY based on its score. Initially, the score is calculated based on two parameters:

  1. Certified Partner lock period (less = higher score)

  2. Certified Partner collateral (more = higher score)

Note, only sBST pledged by community members earn APY, while the CP's collateral only earns APY from the Main pool's staking rewards.

Isn't the pool score calculation oversimplified?

Initially, we expect only a handful of marketplace pools being launched, and therefore, diversification between them will not be as important. In time, as marketplaces mature, additional complexity using indexed on-chain data will be brought into the pools score calculation, incentivising operators and community to support more ambitious goals e.g. value tokenized, number of listed/offered/traded properties, revenues distributed.

What happens after the community lock period ends?

After the community lock period is passed, users can decide to continue staking OR withdraw their sBST to stop support for the marketplace operator.

Note, if a pool has less than 100,000 sBST, either the community or the CP need to deposit sBST until 100% is filled for the pool to start earning APY again.

What happens after the CP lock period ends?

At the end of the term (e.g. 12 months after launch), the CP's performance is evaluated against the declared target KPIs. If the CP has reached its target KPIs, the collateral becomes available for the CP to withdraw, opening a position for other user to pledge sBST and for the pool to continue earning APY.

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