Regional Hub registration

Upon becoming a registered and approved Ambassador in the Blocksquare Network, individuals have the opportunity to join forces and form their Regional Hub, which serves as a collective unit within the network.

Here's an explanation of the process to register as a Regional Hub:

1. Forming a Regional Hub

Ambassadors in the network can join forces and create a Regional Hub. To establish a full membership hub, a minimum of five (5) ambassadors must come together. This group of five individuals forms the core of the Regional Hub.

Moving from one regional hub to another is permitted for ambassadors, however each ambassador can only be part of 1 regional hub at any given time.

If at any time, the hub falls below the required number of ambassadors, the Hub will be required to recruit a new ambassador to register under their Hub.

Not able to form an intial group of 5 ambassadors?

To easily engage in your first quarterly competition, Regional Ambassadors can form and register a Regional Hub even when less than five ambassadors.

  • Start alone or with fellow ambassadors.

  • Each ambassador contributes 4,000 BST to the rewards pot.

  • Build-up into a full membership hub after you kick off.

Register a regional hub now, engage in quarterly competitions, and build up to a full membership hub later.

2. Selection of a Regional Chair

Within the group of five ambassadors forming the Regional Hub, their first collective decision will be to select and promote one of the ambassadors to the role of Regional Chair. The Regional Chair will assume the responsibility of leading and coordinating the activities of the Hub.

Note, the selection process and criteria for choosing the Chair is determined entirely by the ambassadors themselves.

3. Registration of the Regional Hub

Once the Regional Hub is formed and the Regional Chair is chosen, the next step is to register the newly formed Hub. This involves completing a short application form to officially register the Regional Hub within the Blocksquare Network.

The application form captures the necessary information and details about the Hub's members and its designated Regional Chair.

4. Eligibility for Quarterly Competitions

By forming and registering their Regional Hub, the Hub gains the eligibility to compete for the BST prize pool in the network's Quarterly competitions. These competitions provide an opportunity for the Hub to earn rewards based on their performance and contributions within the network.

All newly formed Regional Hubs will need to be reviewed and approved by the Governance board. Approval is mandatory for eligibility to participate in the quarterly competitions.

You can learn more about the BST reward pool allocation in Quarterly BST allocations

Participation in Quarterly Competitions

It's important to note that while ambassadors are not required to join or form a Regional Hub, those who choose not to join a Hub will be unable to participate in the Quarterly competitions. These competitions are specifically reserved for registered Regional Hubs.

Joining or forming a Regional Hub allows ambassadors to actively engage in the competitions and have a chance to earn rewards from the BST prize pool.

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