Network structure

The organizational structure for the Blocksquare network consists of two levels of participants:

  1. Regional Ambassadors

  2. Regional Chairs

The network is designed to grow and expand regionally, with the formation of so-called Regional Hubs.

1. Regional Ambassadors

Regional Ambassadors are participants within the network who represent their respective regions. They work closely with the Regional Chair and contribute to the network's goals and initiatives. Regional Ambassadors actively engage with other professionals in their region, fostering connections, and promoting the network's objectives.

2. Regional Chairs

Once the network reaches a minimum of five participants, one individual will be selected as a Regional Chair for each region. The Regional Chair will be responsible for leading a team of five Regional Ambassadors within their respective region. They will provide guidance, support, and coordination for the ambassadors, ensuring effective communication and collaboration within the region.

Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs will be established to represent the network in a specific geographical region. A regional hub is formed as soon as there are 4 ambassadors and 1 regional chair. A Regional Hub can also consist of up to 8 ambassadors and 1 Regional Chair. In cases where a regional hub grows further, multiple Regional Chairs can be appointed, with each chair being responsible for a group of 4 to 8 Ambassadors within the hub. The Regional Chairs within a hub work collaboratively to ensure effective leadership and coordination within the larger group.

The organizational structure allows for the network to scale and adapt to regional growth. By appointing Regional Chairs and establishing regional hubs, the network ensures effective leadership, coordination, and support for participants within each region.

This structure promotes collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the achievement of the network's objectives on a regional level.

While the ultimate goal of the professional network is to have a presence in various regions of the world, initially, the focus will be on building the network on a global level. This is because the network needs to have a certain level of global reach and influence to attract the right talent and resources to scale in various regions.

Therefore, the first set of Regional Chairs will be selected on a global basis, rather than being region-specific. This approach will ensure that the best and most experienced members of the network are given leadership positions, regardless of where they are based.

The ultimate goal for Regional Hubs is to connect regionally, however this is not a limitation - members of a Regional Hub can come from anywhere around the world, as long as they wish to work together on a common goal - growing a strong community through online and/or offline activities.

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