Code of conduct

As representatives of our DAO, your role as ambassadors is critical in maintaining a positive image and fostering relationships within the Regional Hubs.

To ensure legal compliance and avoid potential issues with regulators and competitors, there are specific guidelines and restrictions you must follow during your work and activities within the Regional Hubs.

This manual aims to inform you about what you should not do.

Mentioning potential future price of BST

As an ambassador, it is crucial to avoid any discussions or communications that may involve speculating on the potential future price of BST. It is essential to always maintain discussions related to the current utility and value of BST rather than its potential value in the future.

Predicting or promoting future price increases might inadvertently categorize BST as a security under regulatory definitions.

While it is essential to stay informed about legal and compliance matters, it is strictly prohibited to share or discuss any legal or compliance opinions related to Blocksquare without prior approval from the management board.

This restriction is in place to prevent any unauthorized dissemination of sensitive information and to ensure that only accurate and approved communications are made on behalf of the organization.

Mentioning of competitive projects

As ambassadors, it is imperative to avoid mentioning or promoting competitive projects or inviting external parties to participate in events organized by our competitors. Always maintain a focus on our organization's initiatives, projects, and events while refraining from endorsing or participating in activities that align with our competitors' interests.

Such actions may inadvertently lead to conflicts of interest and undermine our organization's position in the market.


Ambassadors should always provide accurate and honest information about Blocksquare's products, services, and initiatives.

Misrepresenting the company or its offerings could lead to trust issues and negatively impact the brand's reputation.


Ambassadors must treat all proprietary and confidential information belonging to Blocksquare with the utmost care and not disclose it to any unauthorized parties. This includes any sensitive data, financial information, or intellectual property.

Disclosure of affiliation

When representing Blocksquare, ambassadors should always disclose their affiliation with the company, making it clear that they are not official employees but rather advocates or representatives.

Social media conduct

When representing Blocksquare on social media platforms or online forums, ambassadors should maintain a respectful and professional tone.

Ambassadors should avoid engaging in inflammatory or offensive discussions that could reflect negatively on the company.

Respecting intellectual property

Ambassadors should respect the intellectual property rights of others and avoid using copyrighted material without proper authorization.

Engaging in unethical practices

Ambassadors should never participate in any form of bribery, corruption, or unethical behavior that could tarnish Blocksquare's reputation or violate legal and ethical standards.

Compliance and ethical considerations

It is crucial to remember that these restrictions are not only in place to ensure legal compliance but also to uphold the highest ethical standards in your role as ambassadors.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a positive and professional representation of the organization, enhancing our reputation and trustworthiness.

Seeking guidance

If you encounter situations that may potentially breach any of the mentioned restrictions or if you have any doubts about the appropriateness of certain actions, always seek guidance and approval from our team.

Open communication and transparency are essential to ensure that our organization operates within legal and ethical boundaries.

Consequences of non-compliance

Failure to adhere to these guidelines and restrictions may result in disciplinary action and could adversely affect your standing as an ambassador representing our organization.

Revoking an individual's role as Regional ambassador is at the sole discretion of the Governance board.

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