Selection process

Regional Ambassador

As part of our application process, we require interested individuals to test themselves in their knowledge of the Blocksquare ecosystem and provide information about their professional background. This ensures that we have dedicated and knowledgeable individuals representing our network as ambassadors.

To join us as an ambassador, you will be asked to take a short Blocksquare Self-Evaluation Quiz that assesses your understanding of the Blocksquare ecosystem. The quiz covers key concepts, features, and initiatives within our ecosystem. More than a traditional test, this questionnaire is designed for self-evaluation. It offers an opportunity to gauge your current understanding of Blocksquare's services and operations as well as to see, which areas of our services one might need to look into further.

This approach helps us ensure that our ambassadors possess a strong foundation and can effectively communicate the value and potential of Blocksquare to others.

In addition to the quiz, we ask all applicants to fill out an application form providing details about their professional background. We are interested in learning about your experience, skills, and achievements that make you a great fit for the ambassador's role.

This information allows us to assess your ability to represent our network professionally and engage with other professionals in a meaningful way.

Please note, all regional ambassadors are required to register and complete an account on the Oceanpoint marketplace.

Regional Chair

We believe in empowering our Regional Ambassadors and giving them autonomy in shaping their teams and regional operations. Once a region has a team of 5 ambassadors, they have the opportunity to select a Regional Chair who will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the team. We entrust this decision to the ambassadors themselves, as they are in the best position to understand the dynamics and needs of their region.

The selection process for the Regional Chair will be conducted by the ambassadors within the region, without interference from the governance board of the network.

This approach allows the ambassadors to choose a leader who they believe will effectively guide and coordinate the team, based on their firsthand experiences and insights.

We value the knowledge and expertise of our ambassadors, and empowering them to make decisions strengthens our network from within. By providing the opportunity for ambassadors to select their own Regional Chair, we foster a sense of ownership and collaboration, ensuring that leadership positions are filled by individuals who have earned the trust and respect of their peers.

This inclusive approach not only encourages active participation and engagement among ambassadors but also promotes a supportive and cohesive regional team. By putting the decision-making power in the hands of the ambassadors themselves, we enable them to shape the network according to their unique needs and aspirations.

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