🟢Governance pools

The governance pools category has been introduced with v0.5

Current reward schedule

125,000 BST / month split between Main and Marketplace pools based on Pool TVL

Welcome to the Governance Pools section of Oceanpoint documentation. As of version 0.5, our governance system has expanded to include both the main Governance Pool and the innovative Marketplace Pools. This document provides an overview of how these pools operate, the rewards schedule, and how users can participate.

Governance Pools in Oceanpoint are designed to enhance community engagement and reward participation through a structured staking and reward system. By staking BST (Blocksquare Token) in these pools, users can earn rewards and participate in the governance of the Oceanpoint ecosystem.

Pool mechanics

The pool mechanics for both the Main Governance Pool and the Marketplace Pools are designed to be user-friendly while ensuring the stability and growth of the Oceanpoint ecosystem.

Main pool (sBST)

In the Main Governance Pool, users start by connecting their wallets, such as MetaMask, to the Oceanpoint web interface. By depositing BST into the Governance Pool, they receive sBST tokens that represent their stake in the pool. As the pool accrues more BST through liquidity mining, rewards, and asset revenues, the value of these sBST tokens increases proportionally to the pool’s growth.

After depositing BST, there is a 48-hour lock period during which withdrawals are disabled. This feature prevents front-running reward distributions and promotes long-term participation. To exit the pool, users simply send their sBST tokens back to the pool and receive their underlying BST after the lock-up period.

The system is flexible, allowing users to move their sBST tokens between wallets or utilize them in other DeFi strategies. Additionally, there are no fees for depositing or withdrawing from the Governance Pool, aside from Ethereum gas fees.

  • A 48-hour lock period after depositing BST prevents withdrawals, ensuring fair reward distribution.

  • Flexibility: Move sBST tokens between wallets or use them in other DeFi strategies.

  • No fees, aside from Ethereum gas fees, for depositing or withdrawing.

  • Your sBST tokens increase in value proportionally to the pool’s growth.

Marketplace Pools

Marketplace Pools bring a new dynamic to the Oceanpoint ecosystem by allowing marketplace operators to present their ideas to the BST community. Operators detail their business plans and KPIs for community review. If the community approves, a marketplace pool campaign can be initiated, which requires the operator to deposit a minimum of 500 sBST as collateral.

Community members can then explore these marketplace projects and pledge their sBST to support ventures they believe in. This participation not only provides essential support for new marketplaces but also offers potential rewards based on the pool’s performance and the marketplace's success.

The lock-up periods in Marketplace Pools ensure commitment and stability. Certified Partners (CPs) must lock their collateral for 12 months, underscoring their long-term dedication to the project. Community pledges are locked for 6 months, half the duration of the CP’s lock period. If the pool balance drops below 100,000 sBST for more than 10 days, the lock is lifted to prompt quick action from the CP. This dual-lock mechanism ensures that CPs actively manage their marketplaces and maintain pool health, which benefits the entire community.

  • Marketplace operators present ideas to the BST community, detailing business plans and KPIs.

  • If approved, initiate a campaign by depositing a minimum of 500 sBST as collateral.

  • Community members pledge sBST to support projects and earn rewards based on performance.

  • Certified Partners (CPs) lock collateral for up to 24 months, while community pledges are locked for up to 12 months.

  • If the pool balance drops below 100,000 sBST for over 10 days, CPs or other community members must reactivate the pool by depositing the missing sBST and reach a full balance.


The introduction of Marketplace Pools alongside the Main Governance Pool marks a significant evolution in the Oceanpoint ecosystem. These pools not only incentivize participation and long-term commitment but also democratize the growth and success of new marketplace projects. By engaging with Governance Pools, you contribute to the decentralized governance and vibrant future of tokenized real estate within the Blocksquare ecosystem.

For detailed steps on how to participate, deposit, and withdraw from the pools, please refer to the respective sections of this documentation. We look forward to your active involvement in driving the success and growth of Oceanpoint.

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