Blocksquare Token (BST)

The Blocksquare Token BST is the governance token that serves as the basis for the Oceanpoint ecosystem. BST holders To vote on proposals posted on Snapshot, BST holders need to first deposit and stake their tokens in the Governance pool. Staking also enables BST holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows.

How do I earn BST tokens?

There are three ways to earn BST tokens:

  • Participating in Oceanpoint pools. Each listed pool is assigned a share of all BST tokens accumulated for rewards and distributed to participants proportionate to size of stake in a specific pool.

  • Providing liquidity. Liquidity Providers to the BST-ETH Uniswap pair are incentivized with BST similarly to other pools. Note: The trading pair will be incentivized only after v0.2 is launched.

  • Staking your BST. Users can deposit their tokens to the Governance pool. Staking BST enables token holders to passively accumulate more BST as the protocol grows and receive sBST to vote on proposals posted on Snapshot.

How will I receive my BST tokens?

BST tokens are 'deposited' to pool participants, and held by the pool smart contract until a participant broadcasts a transaction to exit the pool, whereupon the BST is delivered to their address.

What are the BST token metrics?

Please visit Token metrics section for more details.

Where can I purchase BST?

At the moment, BST can be purchased via the following Decentralized Exchanges:

Exchange logoTrading pairLink





coming soon

What is sBST?

sBST can be obtained by participating in the Governance pool, a revenue-sharing mechanism that rewards BST holders with additional BST when they deposit their tokens in it. By staking BST, you will get sBST, a tokenized share of the Governance pool that enables you to vote on protocol proposals.

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