Quarterly Activities Report

At the end of each quarter, every Regional Hub will be required to submit a Quarterly Activities Report. This report will be prepared by the Regional Chair of each Regional Hub and will include comprehensive details of all activities carried out by the ambassadors connected to their referral agreement, as well as a record of all events organized during the quarter.

The purpose of this report is to provide the Blocksquare board with an overview of the Regional Hub's performance and contributions to the network.

In addition, the information provided in this report will be used to evaluate the Regional Hub's performance and determine their final results as well as the amount of BST tokens received from the quarterly prize pool for every quarterly competition.

Below is the list of necessary information each report has to include in order for the governance board to be able to determine the quarterly competition final scores.

Ambassador details

  1. Ambassador’s full name

  2. contact email (the same email address he/she used to register as an Ambassador and that is connected to the Ambassador’s wallet)

  3. the number of points an Ambassador has achieved/been allocated in the quarter

Ambassador activities

Please provide a summary of the activities undertaken by all ambassadors associated with the referral agreement.

  1. Number of new marketplace operators brought to the platform

  2. Number of real estate properties tokenized on the platform

  3. Total $ value of properties tokenized on the platform

  4. Total $ value of BST tokens sold via OTC sales

Event details

Please provide a list of all events organized by the Regional Hub during the quarter. Include the following details for each event:

  1. Event Name

  2. Date(s)

  3. Duration

  4. Number of Registrations

  5. Number of Check-ins

  6. Summary of Event (optional)

Regional Chairs are welcome to provide additional relevant information or include any other details they deem necessary to showcase their Regional Hub's performance.

Submission deadline

The Quarterly Activities Report must be submitted by the Regional Chair no later than the third week at the end of every calendar quarter. Please ensure that all required information is accurately filled in the provided templates.

Importance of honest reporting

We strongly emphasise the importance of honest reporting. Providing accurate information is essential for fair competition and maintaining the integrity of the Blocksquare network. Any deliberate misrepresentation or falsification of numbers may lead to severe consequences, including disqualification and potential exclusion from the network. By submitting the Quarterly Activities Report with accurate and truthful information, Regional Hubs can contribute to a transparent and reliable evaluation process that reflects their genuine efforts and achievements.

Review and result declaration timeline

After the submission of the Quarterly Activities Reports by the Regional Chairs, the Blocksquare board will review all the reports and score each Regional Hub's performance. The board will declare the results of the quarterly competition within one month of receiving the reports.

Please note that the review process and scoring may require careful evaluation and consideration of the activities and events reported by each Regional Hub. The board will strive to complete the assessment and announce the results as promptly as possible while ensuring a thorough and fair evaluation.

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