Quarterly competitions

At Blocksquare we are committed to fostering a dynamic and collaborative professional network. We value the efforts of all Regional Hub members in growing the network and organizing meet-ups and events. To further incentivize and promote the teamwork aspect we are introducing a gamification element to our network.

By working together, ambassadors will have the opportunity to compete for quarterly pools of BST tokens. These tokens serve as an additional incentive, on top of the existing referral agreement, rewarding their dedication and effort in growing the network and promoting the Blocksquare ecosystem.

The quarterly competitions will start as soon as at least three Regional Hubs have been formed globally. These competitions will involve scoring each Hub based on predefined metrics. At the end of the quarter, the scores will be tallied, and BST tokens distributed to all participating Hubs.

Quarterly competitions will commence once a minimum of three Regional Hubs are established worldwide.

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