Organizing events (Eventbrite)

To streamline event organization and facilitate efficient management, all Regional Hubs within the Blocksquare network will be required to use the Eventbrite software. However, instead of individual Regional Hubs having their own Eventbrite accounts, a centralized approach will be adopted. The governance board of the network will create a main Blocksquare Network account and invite Regional Hubs to join this organization's account and assign them admin like roles, which will give them the right to edit, manage and publish their own events

The centralized approach offers several advantages, including the ability to track and access contact details of individuals applying for and attending events organized by Regional Hubs.

The Eventbrite platform enables the DAO's Governance board to maintain a comprehensive record of registered participants and track the number of check-ins at events.

Here's how it all works:

1. Regional hub’s Eventbrite account

Each registered Regional Hub participating in the Quarterly competition needs to create their own Eventbrite account. One account per Hub is sufficient.

We recommend assigning one person from the Regional Hub as responsible for organizing and editing events within the Eventbrite platform.

2. Email submission

The Regional Hub needs to provide the email address associated with their Hub's Eventbrite account in the Regional Hub application form.

This is to be done via the Regional Hub Application Form.

3. Main Eventbrite account invitation

Upon reviewing the Regional Hub application, the Governance board invites the Regional Hub to join the main Eventbrite account of the Blocksquare network.

This invitation allows the Regional Hub to access the shared organization's Eventbrite account.

4. Event details submission

Each Regional Hub is required to submit a short form providing essential details about any event they are planning to organize. This information includes the name of the Regional Hub organizing the event, the event's title, and the date of the event.

All events hosted by Regional Hubs, regardless of the size, have to be scheduled via Evebntbrite.

5. Event draft creation

Once the Regional Hub submits the event details form, the Blocksquare RH team uses the provided information to create a draft event and assign it to the relevant Hub within the main Eventbrite account.

Please note it may take up to 5 working days after submission for a draft event to be made available for the Regional Hub to edit on Eventbrite.

6. Editing and finalizing the event

The Regional Hub has the option to edit the event details and make necessary changes to the draft before publishing the event on the Eventbrite platform.

This process allows Regional Hubs to customize and finalize event information according to their preferences.

By following these instructions and utilizing the centralized Eventbrite approach, Regional Hubs can effectively organize and manage their events while providing essential information to the Blocksquare network.

For events organized by Regional Hubs where ticket sales are involved, a specific process needs to be followed. In these cases, the money collected from ticket sales will initially be directed to Blocksquare's bank account. After the event, the funds will then be transferred to the Regional Hub's wallet address in the form of USDC/USDT/DAI. This arrangement is necessary because Eventbrite only allows one set of bank details per account.

Please note that Blocksquare reserves the right to decide which stablecoin to use when making the transaction.

Here's how the process works:

Ticket sales and revenue collection

When a Regional Hub organizes an event with ticket sales, all revenue generated from ticket purchases will be collected into Blocksquare's bank account.

Post-event fund transfer

Once the event concludes, the sales amount will be converted into the selected stablecoin and transferred to the Hub’s registered wallet.

Note all ticket sales proceeds are subject to a 25% deduction, covering:

  • 22.5% (VAT tax)

  • 2.5% (payout fees)

It is therefore important for each Regional Hub to register their one Regional Hub wallet.

Transparency and ticket sales tracking

Regional Hubs have complete control over their events and are able to track the number of tickets sold for each specific event they organize. This level of transparency allows Regional Hubs to monitor their ticket sales and gain insights into the success of their events.

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