Asset pool

Real estate staking is currently LIVE
The second product will introduce the ability for owners of real estate properties to stake their assets and earn crypto.
At first, Oceanpoint will incentivise real estate owners by enabling them to create a new passive income stream with their existing real estate properties. Just like miners use GPUs to mine and earn ETH, so will landlords be able to stake their real estate asset to earn BST.
The more real estate value one tokenizes and stakes, the larger the share in the Asset pool.
After tokenizing their real estate asset via Blocksquare's tokenization system, the owner will be able to mint BSPT to their wallet and stake it through Oceanpoint.
Essentially, by tokenizing, a real estate owner will be able to stake BSPT tokens of their property to earn BST from the rewards treasury. The valuation of the property is used to calculate the value of your staked BSPT in term defining the share in the pool for the property owner.
By tokenizing and subsequently staking BSPT, the asset owner will commit to a 6 months lock-up period.
At first the founding team will hold admin rights and retain the right to change the staking lock-up period for new entrants, but later that decision making power will be moved to the DAO's governance token, sBST.
After six months, owners will access their rewards & have full control on the steps they take next:
  1. 1.
    sell BSPT tokens to Oceanpoint,
  2. 2.
    sell BSPT tokens through the Oceanpoint marketplace,
  3. 3.
    keep staking BSPT tokens, or
  4. 4.
    reverse the process of tokenization, no strings attached.
If the asset owner opts for the first or second choice, they will need to start paying the proportionate amount of revenues the asset is earning to either Oceanpoint or marketplace investors (paid in DAI), as per the corporate resolution signed at time of tokenization.
If the asset owner withdraws BSPT, then Oceanpoint essentially does not have any claim over the economic rights of the real estate asset and the owner is free from any financial, legal obligations towards the protocol.

What will happen for the first 6 months?

Don’t worry, as the real estate owner and holder of all tokens, you will retain all economic rights together with all the revenue your property is generating. This means, the staking rewards that you receive in form of BST tokens are a mechanism for us to reward you for helping us grow the protocol’s Total Value Locked — the number one metric in DeFi.

How much BST will go to the Asset pool?

Asset pool staking will become available with v0.2, where 50% of all monthly rewards will go towards those staking in the Asset pool. Ultimately, the sBST holding community will be able to vote via Snapshot and decide the % share of all monthly rewards appropriated to listed Asset pool(s).
Beta release schedule

How much could I make with my property?

Rewards auto-compound based on the user's pool share. What property owners can expect from staking their tokenized real estate asset is presented in the following infographic.
Earnings simulation
The above is only a simulation and actual results might differ. Total rewards are subject to change depending on DAO governance rulings.
Monthly rewards per user vary depending on a user’s pool share. The larger the AUT, the lower the amount of BST a user might receive.
All rewards are paid out in BST and their USD value is subject to market conditions, however 1 BST will always be 1 BST.

Pool mechanics

To start staking a real estate asset, an owner must first tokenize it through Blocksquare's tokenization protocol.
Once the process is achieved, the real estate asset owner will be able to mint 10,000 BSPT (Blocksquare Property Tokens) and stake them on Oceanpoint based on the asset's valuation. In return, the protocol locks the BSPT tokens into the Asset pool for a period of 6 months.
After 6 months, the BSPT can be unlocked by the user together with all BST rewards.
Please note, that your BST rewards shall be vested for a period of 24 months to prevent flooding the market. This measure is in place to protect BST investors from circulating supply inflation.
Finders fee
Please note, there is a "finders fee" that is paid to the referrer (i.e. Certified Partner) of a particular property at time of withdrawal. The reward is pre-set to 10% of accumulated BST at construction.
At first, the "finders fee" can be updated by the Oceanpoint founding team, while at a later phase and according to the Decentralization plan, admin rights shall be moved to the DAO's governance token, sBST.

BSPT fees and impacts on staking

BSPT tokens have an integrated transaction fee of 1,5%.
Fees are always paid in property tokens, e.g. if a transaction involves 10,000 BSPT tokens, the buyer will receive 10,000 - 1.5% tokens = 9,850 BSPT tokens on their wallet.
The fee is credited to network stakeholders automatically distributed to beneficiaries:
  • 0.5% goes to the platform operator (Certified Partner)
  • 0.5% goes to the token issuer (Real estate owner)
  • 0.5% goes to the DeFi bridge (Oceanpoint)
When staking, these fees will be executed and impact the amount of BSPT one shall receive back at time of withdrawal, except when staking is done by the token issuer wallet.
Initially, only real estate owners (token issuers) shall be able to stake BSPT tokens of their own properties.
Please refer to the FAQ section to see infographic onReal estate staking​